Totally in command - the effective interpreter.

Interpreting involves the spoken word - and total commitment is required. The interpreter's experience, confidence and speed are just as important as the necessary technical equipment when it comes to the professional execution of an interpreting task. "Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro" offers you a full range of interpreting services.

Wherever you need to use an interpreter - at a conference, for official appointments, training sessions, press conferences, negotiations or any other occasion: we provide individual advice for you. Depending on the situation, simultaneous or consecutive or accompanying interpreting may be required. Simultaneous translators continuously translate into the target language at the same time as the speaker, while in consecutive interpreting the speaker and the interpreter speak alternately. Accompanying interpreters act as "facilitators" between two persons, translating freely while ensuring that the content is accurately conveyed.

Tailor-made. The solutions we provide for you.

Deciding what type of interpreting is the right one for your requirements, what technical equipment will be necessary (e.g. interpreting booths, "tour guide" systems, headphones or microphones) - is something you can leave us to take care of. We will put together a complete package for you, from the interpreters to the equipment, to ensure the success of your event. In addition: we interpret INTO and FROM all languages.


If you have any queries about interpreting or would like to place an order with us, please telephone us on +43 463 578 72 or +43 1 585 17 60 or e-mail us at


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