Maximum security for translation customers thanks to our ISO 17100 certification

It's a question that arises regularly for customers: who can I trust to undertake my translation order strictly according to my requirements, with no ifs and buts?

The market is bustling with numerous suppliers all promising to deliver a flawless translation, yet in practice unfortunately the quality often turns out afterwards to be a far cry from what the customer was expecting. Many suppliers claim to work "in accordance with ISO 17100" – but this is merely their own assertion, and often goes no further than a declaration of intent. Hence the simple claim to work "in accordance with ISO 17100" offers little or no security. And registration with DIN CERTCO also does not entail any monitoring to ensure that suppliers comply with the requirements of the standard. But when can a customer be certain that their supplier really does work in accordance with the international standard ISO 17100? There is a clear answer: when their service provider is ISO 17100 certified. This mean that he or she has had their high quality standard certified by an independent certification body, and in this way makes their expertise apparent in a highly competitive market. It is not the service providers themselves who vouch for the quality of their services, but an independent body which certifies that these services conform to the professional standard. And what's more: for all those customers who are themselves ISO 9000 certified, and therefore fall back on certified suppliers, they can provide proof of their own quality at no additional expense!

Irmgard Soukup-Unterweger, LICS Lead Auditor (EN ISO 17100)


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EN 15038 Audit in 2011

7th February 2012

The translation agency, with three locations in Vienna, Graz and Klagenfurt, has been EN 15038 certified since 2007.

EN 15038 Audit in 2011

Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim, Lead Auditor from "Austrian Standards plus", with Managing Director Susanne Greller-Schweickhardt, Management Assistant Birgit Koban and Yvonne Waldstein, Manager at the office in Vienna.

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