Dedicated to fulfilling your requirements - and more.

Quality is what counts. We aim to deliver translations that are 100% reliable. In terms of organisation, we also aim at a process that not only makes dealing with your instructions as simple as possible for you and for us, but is also absolutely reliable. We have no doubt that this accords with your wishes also.

The quality of a translation depends entirely on the people who have created it. At "Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro", these skilled creative linguists are hand-picked according to strict criteria. Whether they live in Australia, Italy or Russia, they are all qualified mother-tongue linguists and experts in their sector. At "Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro" every single translation without exception is checked on the "4 eyes" principle. First of all, a qualified and skilled specialised translator working into his or her mother tongue will translate your text into the target language, then a specialised reviser will check the translation once again. Only after this double checking is the document sent off to you. This process fully accords with the quality criteria of EN ISO 17100, which we are certified as fulfilling.

Easy and secure.

It is not just the translation that has to be right - the technical equipment has to do its job too. At "Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro" we always use the latest software and server equipment. To make it easier for you to send us large quantities of data, we have installed "Dropbox", which means there are now no limits on the quantity of data you can send. All orders are documented and all data are backed up. Confidentiality and data protection are of prime importance to us. Naturally, all documents sent to us are handled in strict confidence.



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